Live Streaming Your Wedding Ceremony

3 Reasons To Live Stream Your Wedding Event

Wedding Live Stream. Close up shot of Bride smiling at Ceremony as groom gives his vows
  • For the SAFETY of higher risk individuals like Grandma and Grandpa

  • The quality of the live stream is PLATINUM PRO! (multi-camera / cinematic production value)

  • For the SAFETY of higher risk individuals like Grandma and Grandpa (’s worth repeating)

**okay, so I clearly lied back there. That’s only 2 reasons to live stream your wedding ceremony, but the cool news is we only need two reasons.

Number 1: Safety.

Number 2: Production Value + Convenience.

Here’s the deal. I think it’s safe to say we can all agree on one thing in regards to this global pandemic – let me know your thoughts by commenting below – wedding events in the 2020-2021 seasons (maybe longer) are totally and utterly screwed on guest capacity. Add the ongoing list of other related health concerns, especially for elderly or at-high-risk family members, social distancing recommendations, and the traveling threats with financial anxieties and we have ourselves in one big shit storm that pre-pandemic couples didn’t have to think about. Okay, now that we got the negatives out of the way, time for some positivity. Live Streaming your wedding ceremony solves so many of these issues and is so cost effective (about $1850 plus) that there’s no reason not to.

This is how it works (short version). You first double check your wedding venue can provide internet access (5 Mbps upload speed or higher – that shouldn’t be an issue). You book a wedding live stream package. 24-hours prior to your wedding you email a private URL link to everyone you want to grant viewing access (make sure to include the start time of the ceremony). You go on with wedding business per usual. Pre-selected friends and family members watch your ceremony from the comfort of their own home. Also, the very next day you or whoever might have missed it can watch it on-demand since that URL link is still good forever.

That’s it. Maybe in a couple years or so when the pandemic chaos has leveled out you can consider hosting a much larger reception and get your boogie on with more people.

Okay so you want some more details (here’s the slightly expanded version). But first, let me ask you something. Can you recall a time when you went to a sporting event, concert, movie, stand-up comedy show, or public event and told yourself: “Why am I here? I should’ve just watched this at home. My seats suck, it’s hot/cold, I didn’t plan on eating this late, and I have no idea where the bathroom is…why did I voluntarily say yes to this?”

Maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t. My point is, sometimes watching an event from home is way more comfortable, enjoyable, and safer than going in person. And with the present moment pandemic chaos thrown into the mix – all hell anxiety breaks loose. BUT again we have a solution for Grandma/Grandpa and Uncle Bob who had a heart attack a couple years ago – all of them who are concerned to travel can now see your ceremony live in real time from a multi-camera perspective, creatively edited on site with great sound. Did you see the words “live” and “multi-camera” in there?

Using a 3-camera setup offers a better live stream experience.

Close shot on groom giving ceremony vows, live stream
Close shot on Bride giving ceremony vows. Live Stream
Wide Shot of Bride and Groom exchanging ceremony vows. Live Stream

Listen to what our first wedding live stream bride, Pranita, had to say the morning after her wedding:

“Skyler and Kelly, I just wanted to let you know all of our remote guests were really thrilled with the quality of the broadcast. We had numerous compliments saying the quality was amazing and they felt like they were there with us.”

Picture Grandma busting out a bag of buttery popcorn and sitting in her favorite rocking chair watching you and your hubby exchange vows – LIVE! What’s not to love about that. Giving Grandma front row access into your beautiful day, giving her the best seat in the house making her feel like she’s there with you and the rest of the family. When you look at the overall pros and cons of live streaming technology, its undeniable how it can be used to help bring people together. That’s why we’re doing this. To provide a simple to use platform upon which people can bond with one another. Yes, it’s a different way of bonding, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. We’re combating isolation here, essentially, at times when we need it most.

Let’s nerd out for one last moment here with the fact that we can insert beginning and ending titles into your live stream video making it look more polished. We can take that one step further and even add Pre-Recorded Videos directly into the live stream which opens the flood gates to even more production value and creativity. Imagine beautiful cinematic highlight video or photo montage that’s played at the very end to conclude the video. This is the technology part that personally excites me the most as it allows for a wide variety of customization options to tell your unique personal story. Maybe you want a specific quote or bible verse to be displayed at the very end. Done. Maybe you want a same-day edit displayed at the end, showing a quick cinematic highlight of your wedding preps and first look. Done. Maybe just a simple text title that says “Kelly + Skyler.” Done.

I think (hopefully) you get the point I’m trying to make. Technology and wedding ceremony live streaming, when used correctly, can bring people together and break down barriers. Covid barriers, social distancing barriers, and guest capacity barriers. It’s not new it’s just utilized differently and now more important than ever. If we look at live streaming technology with honest eyes and apply it correctly, it can increase the quality of our lives (and our wedding) and most importantly be used for the SAFETY of higher risk individuals like Grandma and Grandpa.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found it useful. Please comment below with any questions, concerns, thoughts, or feedback.

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