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The clarity of our purpose: to do our best on every project while having fun, maximize all of our creative skills and technology to capture and excitingly tell a genuine story, this is the art of our business.


The SkyPoint Productions family is the most valuable resource that we offer our clients. From our talented editors and passionate cinematographers to our experienced audio and studio engineers, we have an arsenal of talent that no one person could do alone. Together we can ensure an experience that will exceed your expectations with results that not only allow you to relive but also share your story for eternity.


Gear is important, but having a vision is better, as the most essential part of the camera is the person behind it. We are not concerned with the number of bookings we do per year since quality always takes precedence over quantity. If you are looking for the most passionate video team around, one that gives individual attention to every client, and creates a film that is handcrafted, artistic, and edited in-house, contact us today and
allow us to tell your story for a lifetime!

Skyler Pierpoint

Owner, Senior Video Editor, Cinematographer,
Audio Recording/Mixing Engineer, Musician

My career path is incidental to my drive in helping others, being honest, and always doing my best. What started as a hobby for all things musical grew into a passion for creating a complete audio and visua business not only to be an outlet for technical creativity but to provide the ultimate studio services for our customers.

I saw an opportunity where my passion for music and being a musician could bring a fresh perspective to wedding films. An avenue where my background in audio production technology and business could be used on a daily basis but most importantly I saw a chance to impact people’s lives.

From my first wedding film, who was a close friend of mine, to every wedding after; I have been fortunate to experience many beautiful cultures around the globe and help capture some of the most remarkable moments while providing a way for others to relive these memories time and time again.

My team and I share a vision to challenge the status quo of how a wedding film is made by requiring ourselves to push all limits of creativity which in turn allows us to tell every story uniquely and creatively.

Kelly Jo Pierpoint

Client Relations, Marketing, Video Editor

As a child, the phrases “talkative,” and “extremely social,” became staples at every parent-teacher conference my parents attended. These descriptions that followed me through my youth and haunted my parents for years is what I accredit the success in my adult life to. I believe that every experience, every story, and every person is unique, and there is nothing I love more than meeting new people and taking the time to get to know them. It is that “extremely social,” behavior that allows me to find out more about people, to learn each story and the things that make them different than everyone else.

Every story starts with an idea, but it is the characters that move this idea forward.
~ Michael Scott, Writer

We are lucky to get to work with new characters on every story that we tell and using their unique differences is what allows us to create such beautiful films.

I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be able to join my husband in illustrating and sharing these stories with others.

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