Multi-Camera Live Streaming

with Professional Broadcast Quality

Our husband wife team – Skyler and Kelly Jo – has exciting news as we are officially rolling out a brand-new video service for live events, Multi-Camera Live-Streaming. Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions on public events it made perfect sense for our Arizona based videography company to explore various live streaming methods and we have reached that beautiful solution. What excites us most about this is we were able to find a solution that not only allows us to wirelessly connect our high quality DSLR video cameras and cinematic lenses (granting us the freedom to move around as needed) but still be able to record and stream, all while the production is live-switched from an iPad or Mac.

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” –John Lasseter (Director)

Skyler and Kelly Pierpoint Owners of SkyPoint Productions, LLC. Live Streaming and Video Production company

A true game changer and stunning way to experience events live.


Altogether, by the end of this reading our goal is to not only inform you about how your event can be live streamed professionally but also share some personal stories and tributes on how we have built an extremely versatile live streaming video solution that we are confident is worth considering for any live event (weddings, funerals, etc.) regardless of the pandemic. With over 7+ years of wedding and event filmmaking experience even I was blown away by the capabilities that I did not think was possible, as multiple camera angles and great audio streamed and edited live over the internet is just the beginning!

Why consider video live stream?

Video live steaming is truly an amazing way to help bring your family, guests, and friends as close to experiencing your actual event in real time “together” but streaming it live from the safety of their own homes. And it’s worth mentioning that this is not your ordinary standard definition live streaming either, we’re able to deliver high definition professional multi-cam video that’s edited live on location with studio quality audio and cinematic music enhancing visuals – and personally one of our favorite items of all – being able to broadcast other Pre-recorded Edited Videos, Highlights, and Motion Graphics at predetermined times for higher creative story telling opportunities – more on this later!
Our first live streamed wedding occurred in the middle of June with a small number of about 15 family members attending and here is what the bride had to say the next day:

Skyler and Kelly,

I just wanted to let you know all of our remote guests were really thrilled with the quality of the broadcast. We had numerous compliments saying the quality was amazing and they felt like they were there with us.

Pranita, Bride
Private Ceremony room at Hyatt Gainey Ranch where Live Stream took place
Bride and Groom exchanging flower garlands during Live Stream Indian Ceremony

Photography by Santiago Almada at

Event Planning by TruElegance, LLC.

Wedding at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch

Three weeks later we live streamed a funeral service for one of our own family members – Kelly’s cousin Micah – that unexpectedly passed at 16 years of age leaving his Mom, Brother, and Sister in an agony of emotional pain and heartbreak. Kelly gathered as many pictures and videos that the family could send us to edit a beautiful custom tribute highlight video to be played at her cousin Micah’s funeral service. Let us just say that we have never cried more than we did working on that video besides for maybe the fact for the additional tears that were shed at the funeral service.

While this tragic event turned out to be the most emotional project that we have ever been a part of we would be lying if we didn’t admit that we at least felt a little better being able to help so many friends and family members attend his service that would not have been physically able to due to the safety concerns of Covid-19.

In fact, Kelly’s Dad at age 76 who nearly lost his own life due to a major heart attack two years ago, understandably did not feel safe physically attending the funeral service as he lands into a much higher risk category than nearly all our other family members. Being able to provide him – and hundreds of others – a chance to watch the service in real time as if he and the others were there was something none of us imagined possible a few months ago. Here is his text message following the event:

“Wow, I’m speechless. You and Kelly did such a great job, the live streaming quality was so beautiful that I felt like I was there with you. The only reason it was “blurry” was because my eyes were crying the entire time. Love you guys”

The Live Streaming of Micah’s Funeral Service

After a flood of positive thank you messages coming to us after the service complimenting the overall quality of the live stream we thought how amazing it would be to offer this service to more and more clients as there’s clearly a need for it.
For Micah’s service we had two pre-recorded edited videos and one ending text title sequence (a message from the family with a bible quote) queued up in our live stream broadcast and played them at predetermined times. This is one of the features that opens the door to several creative options to further increase the production value and playback experience that we will go into greater detail in a future blog post. For now, and the sake of this specific reading I want to leave you with a few final thoughts and quick ideas on some different ways to incorporate these pre-recorded videos into your live stream.

Live streaming Weddings: Creative Opportunities

For a wedding example, let’s say the bride and groom would like to send a personal video message out to all the online guests thanking everyone for taking the time to celebrate with them virtually online. Instead of sending this message by email, phone, or trying to record that in one take live at the event, this video can be perfected prior to the event, pre-recorded and we can upload it to broadcast at any point during the live stream program. Something unique can be added to start or conclude the program like a specific collage of pictures, quotes, or a full photo montage video telling your unique story.

Technically, a same day edit, or any variation like a shorter highlight video or photos, can be queued up into the live stream program and broadcasted at specific moments for your remote guests. So besides your online guests being able to see your ceremony live from multiple angles there’s an opportunity for them to see beautiful highlights of the bridal prep or maybe some highlights of the first look, or maybe just that personal message we discussed earlier or an ending text title like we did in Micah’s funeral service – the ideas and creative openings are endless.

Additional Live Streaming Information on it’s way

We are going to write another blog post that goes into more detail regarding the logistics, limitations, and creative opportunities that go into live streaming events. For now, we wanted to give you a brief overview of this exciting new live streaming opportunity. We hope you found this article useful.

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The SkyPoint Productions Team (Skyler & Kelly Jo Pierpoint)

Skyler and Kelly Pierpoint Owners of SkyPoint Productions, LLC. Live Streaming Service