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Every wedding has a story that is beautiful and one of a kind.

This is why SkyPoint Productions works hard to not only capture your wedding day, but also to tell your own personal story. We pride ourselves in taking an artistic approach to each wedding we film, allowing for your enchanting tale to unfold cinematically time and time again.

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Wedding Packages


We give you the control and flexibility to customize your own wedding film package by allowing you to choose only the options you need while staying within your particular budget. Our base wedding package includes a beautiful 10+ minute “feature film”, shot by a team of 3 distinct videographers for up to 12 full hours on your wedding day. Additionally we include a set of short candid interviews of the bride and groom before the wedding day to creatively incorporate those unique personal stories leading up to your wedding. From that point you can choose as many bonus features or add-ons as you would like to further customize your wedding package. Once your film(s) have completed final production, they will be delivered on a set of custom color printed and professionally packaged full 1080p high definition Blu-Ray discs, as well as on a USB flash drive for easy transfer and backup storage on any computer.

Our Base Wedding Package: 
(all inclusive)

  • Up to 12 full hours of wedding day filming by a team of 3 distinct videographers

  • A set of charming candid interviews of the bride and groom preceding the wedding day

  • An enchanting and memorable 10+ minute feature film to be treasured for generations

  • A set of 3 custom designed and personalized high definition Blu-ray discs

  • A portable USB flash drive to transfer and backup your film to any computer

Optional Bonus Features, Extras, and Add-Ons: (additional costs apply)

While our base wedding package above covers the primary needs of most wedding events and families, we also offer many optional package upgrades for those with unique requirements. Some of our most popular additions are listed below.

  • 2 minute theatrical trailer/sneak preview

  • 4 minute concise wedding highlight video

  • The full wedding ceremony

  • Full length main toasts and speeches

  • Full length first newlywed and family dances

  • Select performances video (singing, musicians, dancing)

  • Multiple day wedding shoots

  • Filming and highlight video of the rehearsal dinner

  • Single day edit highlight film, to be shown at reception

  • Candid interviews with parents or other close family/friends

  • Destination weddings outside the greater Phoenix metro area

  • Additional filming hours per videographer

  • Additional custom designed high definition Blu-ray discs

  • All of the raw unedited footage on a high capacity USB flash drive

  • Anything else you’d like us to capture and include for you? Just let us know!

For detailed explanations of any additions you may require, as well as a customized quote for your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to capturing and producing the wedding film of your dreams!

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